Rule of Thirds Tutorial


This tutorial explains the Rule of Thirds.


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Rule of Thirds

Posted on 2nd April, 2016

Composition. How you position elements of a scene in a photograph.


The Rule of Thirds is one of those handy starting places for better composition.


To make use of this, you need to divide your viewfinder or rear screen into equal thirds, just like a noughts and crosses/tic tac toe grid.


Tic tac toe - just like the Rule of Thirds grid


Rule of Thirds - IntersectionFor better composition, place the most interesting parts of your picture where the lines intersect, the + parts.


This example shows the colourful flower at the intersection.







Rule of Thirds - HorizonWhen photographing the horizon, always put the ground or sky in the upper or lower third (horizontal line), which ever has the more detail. Never put the horizon in the middle.


This example shows a field with more detail than the sky.






Rule of Thirds - Look Into FrameWhen photographing people or other living things looking left or right, always put them looking into the picture. So, if they're looking right, put them in the left of the shot. It's a more natural composition.


This example shows the bird flying into the shot.






Of course, once you have learnt this rule well, you can break it for more creative pictures.